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Pastor’s Corner – Feb 2019

While I was in St. Louis, MO my husband and I were attending a local United Methodist Church named “The Gathering.” The first author of this book is the lead pastor of the Gathering and I had a chance to learn about how he started his multi-site church from taking over a dying church and letting it give a new life to a different, vital, and growing local congregation. I am not a believer of one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to church growth because each local church is a living organization that has a different personality, different context, and different people to work with.

However, I also strongly believe that there are principles for each local church to keep in mind: each local church is God’s and God is the only One who can breathe new Spirit, breath, and energy in it; And God calls and works with God’s people to do this. Although the title of this books may sound it implies there are some strategies that can grow a church, Miofsky and Byassee share with their readers what they found as leading principles, which guided those growing churches from their small, humble, and early days. Do not be surprised. One of the top principles they shared in the book is following the Spirit, believing in miracles and wonders that the Spirit does among/for us and act accordingly.

I want to introduce to you the subtitles of each chapter of this book and strongly encourage you to buy one and start reading this book with me.

  • Virtue 1: Growing Churches Believe in Miracles and Act Accordingly
  • Virtue 2: They Integrate New People Quickly
  • Virtue 3: They Love the Local
  • Virtue 4: They Exist to Reach the Next Person
  • Virtue 5:They Elevate the Practice of Giving
  • Virtue 6: They Work in Teams
  • Virtue 7: They Preach Well to the Skeptic
  • Virtue 8: They Make Friends with the Denomination

I have finished reading two chapters in one sitting and hope you found this one also interesting. Only 110 pages in it, thin and compact book!

With Hope in Christ,

Rev. Sunyoung Park, your pastor