About Grace

Here at GRACE, we believe in God Reconciling And Calling Everyone

Our Mission Statement:  “Grace United Methodist Church provides a home-like environment in which we share the Good News of the Gospel through our living and strive to develop disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Grace United Methodist Church in Riverside is part of the Box Springs Cooperative Parish. The Parish is a group of small and mid-sized churches, jointly sharing pastors, staff, and resources.  This new model of ministry allows us to reach a more diverse group of people seeking to find meaning and purpose in their lives through a relationship with God, modeling their lives after Jesus Christ, and moved by the Holy Spirit to declare the good news of Jesus. Come be a part of something new and transforming!

What are United Methodists?

Grace United Methodist Church is one of 400 Methodist Churches in Southern California, and our members are part of about 12.5 million members in the world that define themselves as Methodists.  More information about the United Methodist Church: http://www.umc.org

Meet Our Pastors

Rev. Dr. Martin Niponi Finau
Lead Pastor, Box Springs Cooperative Parish
Rev Tom Tran, Box Springs Cooperative Parish
Site Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church of Riverside
Vanson Truong
Lay Person Assigned by Resident Bishop, Grace United Methodist Church of Riverside